julia edgerton simons

julia edgerton simons

Having a background in the Graphic Arts, working with wood, and loving tea, all steeped the inspiration for Julia’s design of the Tea Nest®. After graduating from the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, Julia spent the next 35 years involved in the American Arts and Crafts traditions. She has sold her art and designs at various contemporary juried art shows.  Over the past 16 years she has worked alongside her husband, Jonathan Simons, better known as Jonathan’s Spoons™. Together they have taken his beautiful cherry wood kitchen utensils across the country. 



In 1994 Julia started applying her graphic arts design skills to using lasers in wood, carving out wooden hair accessories. She enlisted Jonathan’s help and expertise in melding her background in graphics and fabrics into the world of wood. Julia wanted to make sure her wooden hair accessory designs were strong enough to handle daily use. One inspiration led to another, and their combined skills led to the design of the MoonSpoon® incorporating their moon insignia into their designs. MoonSpoon® can be found in many galleries and specialty shops across the country.


In 2007, Julia became ill with Lyme disease. She was determined to regain her health and decided to mix her own blends of teas to help heal her body. She used organic, white tea with a little lemon verbena. Being on the road much of the time, tea pots were  not practical. The market only supplied plastic screening for tea, and tea balls were difficult with arthritic fingers. She then designed  her first wood Tea Nest®, a simple way to steep tea while on the road. Due to the many requests from friends and family for their own Tea Nest®, it soon became apparent that there was a demand in the world market for her design. Not only did she figure out how to supply the rest of the world with her Tea Nest®, but she also began designing other wood tea accessories that went with the Tea Nest®.  Julia is allergic to plastics, so all the Tea Tangent® products are made with solid Pennsylvania Cherry Wood. Tea Tangent® is handcrafted in America. 

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